I am fortunate to spend my working day searching for insight and knowledge that will help improve the health and welfare of fish and other species in aquaculture.

But sometimes I wonder if we’re doing enough to actually save the oceans.

I’m a bit of a data geek, so I…

Data fish: a conversation manual

You gawp at them through the windows in the aquarium, you see them as you dive into their waters, you watch them from the pier as they swim beneath you, and you wonder; what would it feel like to communicate with fish?

If you could…

The value of purpose and the joy of launching new ventures to feed the world

By Bendik Søvegjarto, CEO, Bluegrove

It’s nice to be noticed, especially when you’re proud of what you’ve done. Last week, this happened to us when we launched both a new company and a charitable foundation.

By Bendik Søvegjarto, CEO, CageEye

Connected technologies that facilitate computer interaction between species have made it possible for us humans to understand what animals and even plants are telling us.

The technologies make up the Internet of Species (IoS) which is a dramatic step up from the Internet of Things…

By Bendik Søvegjarto, CEO, CageEye

The Corona pandemic has caused a global health crisis that cannot be solved by focusing on the healthcare system alone.

If we understand nature, we will be better able to create a resilient food system

National lockdowns have caused mass-unemployment and sudden poverty for millions of people, and as food production and food supply routes have been disrupted, we have…

Bendik S. Søvegjarto

Bendik Søvegjarto is the CEO of Bluegrove, a global aquatech company. He recently launched a new ocean support initiative, called #EngageWithOceans

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